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Welcome to our aptitude test section. In this section, you will be able to access an index of the most popular guides and practice tests.

Take note: All aptitude tests are not created equally. Thus, if you would like to ace these assessment exams, we highly recommend that you do the practice tests from the correct supplier.

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One of the most important tips for you to be able to succeed in taking assessment tests is finding out who created the test/s that you will be taking. You could do this by asking the agency who is representing you or your prospect employer’s HR. Is it SHL? Or Kenexa? Or Saville? Or Talent-Q?

Do not worry and do not feel that you are being pushy or demanding when you ask for this information as it is a reasonable question to ask.

I am terrified at the prospect of psychometric tests!

Most employers nowadays use almost every technique and resource they could in order to get an idea of what your skills are, what your personality is and how your mind works.

One way they do this is through Psychometric tests and aptitude tests. These tests are often used as part of employers’ recruitment process in order to assess the candidates’ capabilities and abilities.

As competition in finding and getting a job becomes fiercer and tighter, recruitment process also has become rigorous. We understand how tough it could be especially for fresh graduates. Do not worry as through this site, we shall share with you a lot of expert advice, secret tips and techniques for you to have higher chance.

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Important Starting Point…

Before we start, we recommend that you read our assessment centre introduction. In that section, you will be provided with important information and background in terms of exercises and tests. Thus, we highly suggest for you not to skip our article, “How to Prepare for Your Interview of Assessment Centre”.

Let us get started!

There are two areas where assessment center exercises fall under and they are:

1. Performance based activities- we will provide you assessment centre exercises section

2. Psychometric tests and aptitude testing such as verbal reasoning tests and personality questionnaires.

In this section, we shall focus on Psychometric Tests and Aptitude tests.

Psychometric Tests & Aptitude Testing

Psychometric is another way of saying measuring mental ability. Ensure you do your best as one of the assessment areas could expose a plausible candidate which we have seen numerous times. The most important thing for you to do is to prepare for these tests and exercises.

Verbal Reasoning: How to Succeed + Practice tests

One of the most crucial skills in the working world is communication. Almost all business roles require this skill. Hence, if you score high in this assessment area, the higher the chances you have.

Numerical Reasoning: How to Succeed + Practice tests

Though less more important than verbal reasoning, there are several roles in the corporate world like in the finance department that would need to check your skills and mental capacity. This article is something you would not miss.

Logical Reasoning: Your Success Guide

This assessment tests are often given to those who are in the engineering department. However, there are numerous employers who give this test to candidates to check their logical reasoning capabilities. In this guide, you will learn what to expect and how to succeed.

Personality tests: The Ultimate Guide

This test is not an actual test. It is a tool that checks the candidates’ working preferences. Yes, there are no right or wrong answers but of course you would want to project the best image to your prospect employer, right? Through this guide, we shall provide you tips and things you should know.

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We wish you luck in taking your assessment tests!