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In this section, you will learn more about assessment exercises and find an index of guides, practices and tips.  

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You could practice aptitude tests used by employers here

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Recruitment process of companies and businesses involve assessment exercises. These are given to job seekers or candidates to assess their abilities. 

It is a comprehensive process as the job market is tough particularly the fresh graduates. Do not worry, however, as we are here to provide you guidance, resources and advice on how to succeed in every assessment exercise.   

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Performance-based activities

There are two types or sections that Assessment Centre exercises tend to fall into. The first one is the performance-based assessment centre exercises (roleplays and presentations) and the second one is the psychometric/aptitude testing (verbal reasoning tests and personality questionnaires). 

To get to know more about aptitude tests, check our aptitude test hub. In page, you will find guides and a lot of practice tests. 

Role-plays: Step by Step Success Guide

Role-plays are one of the most dreaded test. However, with the right preparation, you will ace and have no problems at all. Do not fret, we shall also provide you some useful examples and tips. 

The in-tray exercise 

This type of assessment provides your assessors an idea of your ability and capability to handle a typical workday or what they often refer as your situational judgement. 

The e-tray exercise 

This refers to electronic version of in-tray exercise. 

Group exercises: Everything You Need to Know

This test is closely scrutinized and it shows the candidates’ character. We highly recommend for you to read this section. This way you could make a great impression. 

How to deliver a killer presentation

Presentations are said to be an art. A good presentation could give a stellar impression. Do not worry as with time and preparation, you could do a superb job. In this guide, we shall provide you tips and guide on how to deliver a powerful, effective and impactful presentation. 

Interviews: A Masterclass

There are numerous different exercises but there is nothing more important than the actual interview. As they say, this is your make or break on getting your prospect job. This masterclass would surely help you gain confidence during your actual interview. 

Resources & Equipment   

Another important thing is for you to succeed is for you to look the part and have the practical tools to aid you in succeeding. 

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Good Luck! We hope you found this page helpful and we wish you all the best on your future career.