How to Shine in Psychometric Personality Tests

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Assessment personality tests are often given to candidates who are looking for a job. Often than not, most candidates worry that their innate preferences would be taken against them in getting the new job. Do not worry, as in this article, we shall discuss the myths and facts about personality tests.

In this article, you will learn everything you would need to know and learn about personality tests including practice tests. After this reading this article, you will learn and acquire the following information:

  • What to expect during your personality test
  • What employers are looking for in their candidates’ test results
  • How to prepare for your personality test

Here are some actual personality tests which most employers use here

Personality tests are part of the behavioral science area. This is often known as psychometric testing and they are often used to assess candidates either before, during or after interviews and assessment centres.

This might sound intimidating to you but in reality, trust us it is not. It is, in fact, the least stressful test you will have to face during the recruitment process.

Let us get started!

What is a personality test?

A personality test is technically not a test. It does not have any right or wrong answers. It is a tool that provides insight to your prospective employers about your personality and working preferences.

With that said, personality questionnaires are different to other assessment tests as they do not have the pass or fail concept. However, even if that is the case, do not be overly too confident and be distracted with that false sense of comfort. As we all would recommend, it is wise to put your best foot forward. Be positive, be professional and amaze your employer!

What should you expect during a personality test?

This type of test is often facilitated before or during your interview or assessment day. They could be completed using a device such as laptop or iPad.

Here is an example of how a personality test questions look like:

Most personality tests have similar format but you could also be given with a slightly different format such as the example below.

In this format you will be asked to to specify two statements which you agree the most and the one you least agree with.

  • M stands for most agree with
  • L stands for least agree with

How long does a personality test take to complete?

A personality test usually takes around 20 to 30 minutes. However, this is not a timed test.

How to prepare for your personality test?

Personality tests are very much different from other psychometric tests like numerical testing and verbal reasoning. In personality tests, you cannot prepare in terms of revising in the traditional sense and of course you cannot significantly alter your personality. However, there are a few things you could do during your personality test and avoid a few things.

3 things to avoid during your personality test

  1. The common and most frequent mistake that candidates do in personality tests is that they over think their answer and often this leads to a muddled personality profile.
  2. Do not take too long to answer each question. 99 percent, your initial reaction is the real representation of yourself.
  3. Avoid answering with an at home attitude or mentality. You have to remember you have a home persona and a work persona. Thus, do not project your home persona to your work persona.

What tips do the experts have for completing personality tests?

Peoplemaps’ Director of Psychology, Anne Ellis offers a short video about how important spontaneity and being relaxed is in completing a personality test. Take note in this video she refers timer as the software that Peoplemaps use and not that personality tests are timed.

Practice Personality Test

Familiarizing yourself and learning what to expect from a personality test will save you time and reduce your anxiety when you are at the assessment centre. Let us try and do a personality practice test.

When you lick the link below a new window will open for the website of The Institute of Psychometric Coaching. Click the link at the bottom left corner to start the test.

Take the practice personality test here.

How did you find the test? We hope it went well and you are now able to understand what to expect. Take note, as mentioned earlier, this is not really a test. There are no right and wrong answers. So try to relax and be calm.

If this is the real test, the results will be given to the assessors for them to interpret and study your personality and decide if it is suitable to the position that you are applying to.

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We wish you luck! We hope you get the job you are applying for!