SHL Numerical Test

If you are looking for a guide on SHL Numerical test, you came to the right place. In this section, you will find practice tests, coaching videos and essential tips which you could use when you are taking the SHL Numerical test.

Businesses and huge corporations include numerical testing as part of their recruitment process. If you will be or need to take a numerical test as part of a job application, it will probably be the SHL numerical test.

In this guide you will get insights on what to expect and how to succeed.

2 Useful starting-point resources

  • Check practice SHL numerical tests here.
  • Check our numerical reasoning hub where you will find tips on how to prepare for your SHL numerical test.

Download our Ultimate Assessment Day and Interview Guide here. It includes tips, insider-secrets and trips.

SHL Numerical Test Success Guide

What is included in this guide?

  1. A brief overview of SHL
  2. What is special about SHL numerical test?
  3. Top tips for SHL numerical test

A brief overview of SHL

SHL is an occupational psychology consultancy which is used by thousands of businesses, companies and organizations all over the world.

SHL offers services such as assessing candidates for job position/s. They provide assessment centre material, development tools, candidate selection, training courses and psychometric tests.

The psychometric tests are the main products of SHL and their assessment tests particularly SHL numerical tests and SHL verbal tests are widely used by the recruitment industry.

Background info: in 2012, SHL bought the company CEB. You might get across CEB while you are researching for SHL numerical test. There are some instances where SHL tests are referred as CEB Talent Measurement Solutions.

Want to learn more about SHL?

To learn more about the company and what services they offer, check this video below:

How is the SHL numerical test different to other suppliers?

One thing that we always remind our readers, when you are dealing with aptitude tests like numerical, verbal, logical and the like, to check who created the test that you will be taking. The reason behind this is because tests differ from each other and depends on the supplier of the test.

The format and criteria of tests differs. The format may differ from how they look like, style, wording and time limits.

Here is a screen grab of an SHL numerical test

This second test is Kenexa Test

See the difference? The first one uses ratio while the second one splits the data in a different way.

Another subtle difference is language and nuance. Try to practice SHL numerical test here.

How to prepare for a SHL Numerical Test

This test is not something you could take in passing and lightly. They are timed and they are difficult as well. Aside from that, you are also being measured against other candidates. This means, every second counts. Here are some tips which could help you increase and improve your performance.

5 top tips for passing an SHL numerical test

1) Check out our Numerical Reasoning Hub

Our numerical reasoning hub has everything you will need- tips, insider-secrets, tricks and practice tests- all the you need to ace your test, you will find it on our numerical reasoning hub.

2) Make sure you are confident with your calculator’s advanced functions.

Before taking the test, make sure that your calculator is working perfectly. It should be a decent scientific calculator with programmable macros. Check this guide on how to learn how to use it.

Try to get as much advantage as you could. This is your career we are talking about. Hence, do everything you need to give yourself higher chances of succeeding.

3) Watch our coaching videos

Here is a video where you could find a step by step approach on how to pass your SHL numerical test.

4) Practice tests are essential

This tip is very important. It is the only thing you could do to ensure that you get higher chances of passing your test. We are talking about preparing for your SHL numerical test. By practicing tests, you will get used to the style of questioning. You will also learn your strengths and weaknesses. Practicing will improve your confidence and during your test, you will be calmer and more relax which is a huge thing that could impact the results of your test.

We recommend that you practice these SHL numerical tests.

When practicing, keep in mind…

  • Practice for your SHL tests as much as you could. The more you practice the more you get confident, the more knowledge you will have, the higher the chances you will ace the test
  • Work on your weaknesses and focus in that area.
  • Ensure you practice the correct test for your job level. The difficulty of the test will differ from each other depending on the job you are applying for.
  • Do not forget that SHL numerical test has a time limit. Take this into consideration when you are practicing. The more you practice the quicker you will be.

5) Seriously focus on your maths

Since this subject is something you excel in, you will need to invest and use practice tests to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. If you need to hire a tutor, why not? or maybe you could buy a book or watch and learn from YouTube.

Here are some videos which could get you started:

Long Division Trick- Fast Calculation

Fast Conversion Tips

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